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Adirondack State Park
Upstate New York

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

While driving through Adirondack Park on my way to Lake Placid, NY I hit a Monarch butterfly. I wasn't sure how long it have been stick in my windshield wiper but the wind was battering the poor little critter. I felt sorry for it. Since I was in no particular hurry I pulled over and attempted a rescue.

I carefully pulled it from the wiper then laid it out on the hood of my van. It wasn't moving. I poked its antennae and I got a little movement. So I hadn't killed it after all. But how badly was it injured I wondered. After about a minute or two the butterfly magically came to life. I suppose if I were just flying along, minding my own business, then BAM!!! I get hit by a 60 mph solid object, it'd take me a while to come around too.

So after a little coaxing I got it to walk around on my hand, a physical therapy of sorts. After a while of that, it seemed well enough to be released so I placed it on some vegetation by the side of the road. Lord knows what happened after that. I hope it made it. Had I been in a rush and not taken the time to try to help it, it certainly wouldn't have survived. Sometimes it's nice not to be in a hurry. You can take time to smell the roses or in this case, save a beautiful butterfly.

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