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Monday, October 18, 2004

There's not much on the agenda today, just more touring of the Southern Maine Coast.

The drive today will take us down the coast aways, then back up to Portland, ME, where I'll drop off Monica at the airport for her flight back to NYC.

Another good weather day is in store for us. Monica and I check out of the cabin, then head to Kennebunkport, ME for breakfast.

We quickly grab some breakfast, then make our way to the coast where we'll drive south to York, ME.

Our first stop is Nubble Lighthouse. Click here for more detail and pictures of this picturesque coastal sentry.

After visiting Nubble Lighthouse, a short drive down the coast takes us to York Harbor, ME. York Harbor proves to be a quaint, sleepy place, a good local to fish, crab, drink beer, or whatever.

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