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Monday, October 18, 2004

Sight: #22

Address: York Beach, ME

  • From Route 1A, take Nubble Road .5 miles to Sohier Park.
  • The lighthouse is located on Cape Neddick Nubble, a small rocky island a short
    distance off the eastern point of Cape Neddick.

Hours: Open year-round!

Access: Restricted, the general public cannot tour the lighthouse nor set foot on Nubble Rock.


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Arguably one of the most visited lighthouses on the eastern seaboard, an estimated quarter of a million people every year pay their respects to Nubble Light. After debating for decades on whether or not to build a lighthouse on Cape Neddick Nubble, a decision to build was finally made, and in 1874 Congress appropriated $15,000 for its construction. Five years later in 1879, the 41-foot cast-iron tower was finally kicked into service.

Over time the lighthouse has accumulated an interesting and storied history. Over the years, more than 30 lighthouse keepers have taken their turn at maintaining the light. The final keeper was booted in 1987 when Nubble Light was fully automated. Since then, the Town of York has taken over ownership of the lighthouse. The community is actively involved in the ongoing preservation and restoration of this historic sight.

The lighthouse is located on a small rocky island that is accessable via boat, gondola, or at very low tide. Off limits to the general public, its within almost arms-reach distance only adds to the allure and wonder of this special place.

Come with Monica and me as we check out what the lighthouse has to offer!

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