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North Carolina & Tupper Lake, New York

Thursday, September 23, 2004

While hiking in Adirondack State Park near Lake Placid, NY I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Alma and Hilde. I caught up to them on a hiking trail that led to a place called Marcy Dam. At the time Hilde was talking a picture of Hilde and as I passed them by Hilde asked me to snap a picture of them both. I happily obliged and from there all three of us hiked together and had ourselves a good little chat.

From North Carolina, Alma was visiting Hilde who lived not far away, in Tupper Lake. Turns out Alma and Hilde's friendship traced all the way back to their childhood, both grew up near Munich Germany. They both met American military men, married, and emigrated to the States years ago. Both have a multitude of children, Alma's live in North Carolina and Hilde's live in Oregon of all places (where I live). Hilde had plans to move there to be close to her boys sometime within the year.

Sadly, both were widows, Alma being the most recent. Her husband had died about 6 months ago of cancer. And being the good, caring daughter that she is, she had plans to move back to Germany for a while to care for her ailing mother.

All in all they both were in great spirits. Certainly the wonderful day was contributing to their good cheer. It was nice to see two people whose friendship had spanned the tests of time. Surely Alma and Hilde's friendship will continue on strong, despite the soon to be increasing distance apart that life's twists and turns were aiming to take them.

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