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Southern Louisiana / Eastern Texas

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I wake to yet another overcast day. Well, that's okay, cuz today'll be a driving day for me.

I'll be heading to Houston, TX on a drive that'll take me across the southern reaches of Louisiana. I suspect the scenery will be flat, swampy and all alligatory...

I'm ready to start my road trip, and as you can see, I've got my serious driving face on this morning. Or is my seriousness caused by the slight hangover from last evening's drinking and partying? In any event, the fact of the matter is there are 360 long, boring miles between New Orleans and Houston and I'll need to do my best to prepare for it. Ha! I think I'd better get some coffee in me to keep me from dozing off at the wheel.

After jumping into the van, I look down and realize something. I'm getting fat! Just look at how that roll is spilling over the top of my pants. Yes, for as skinny as I am, I'm getting fat. I think I'd better get a healthy breakfast in me, no?

Ahhh, screw that! I'm in a hurry. And when in a hurry, it's always McDonalds. Indeed, it is possible to put an entire hamburger into one's mouth. Simply amazing!

To speed things up, I take the quickest route to Houston. The lion's share of my drive will follow Interestate 10 West.

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