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Seattle, Washington

Monday, July 12, 2004

Ride: #3

Location: Seattle, Washington

Distance: N/A

Climb Elevation: N/A

Tread: Pavement

Ride Miles/Time/Avg/Max: 15.8/1:40:38/9.4/NA

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Today is a tour day, the subject is Downtown Seattle. I've visited Seattle a couple of times before in the past and have always had a pleasant stay. Seattle is such a pretty city that I decided to officially tour it, so I can bring you all along on the ride to enjoy the Seattle experience.

I'll be riding my mountain bike for the tour. Having enjoyed my past two biking venues in nature, I thought I'd give the mountain bike a spin around town. It has what's called a "granny" gear that's designed to assist when climbing steep inclines. If you've ever visited or perhaps heard anything about Seattle, you may already know that city center is situated atop a steep hill that draws down into Puget Sound.

Seattle is a pretty large city and has a heathly metropolitain feel to it. But, being located in the Northwest has its advantages for bikers. Most folks who drive here are considerate of bikers, Seattle is a bike friendly town. So, as I tour the town, I'll certainly bike defensively as I always do but I probably won't be having any close-calls per say.

Well, I'm ready to paint the town. Come along with me for some city biking adventure!

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