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S T E R L I N G   C E N T E R   C E M E T E R Y

Tuesday, September, 21, 2004

Sight: #12

Address: Sterling, NY 13156

Hours: Year round, daylight hours only (cuz scary spirits come out at night!)

Admission: Death in addition to $200.00 (Grave), $300 (Interment), $125 (Cremation)

Phone: (315) 947-5653


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Cemeteries. We all know what they are. Most of us don't really think about them and some of us try our hardest to not think about them at all. But like if or not, if you opt for a burial as opposed to cremation, that's where you'll be heading. Since I'm on vacation and have plenty of time to see the sights, I thought it was about time I toured a graveyard. And the graveyard that fit the bill was Sterling Center Cemetery.

Scared of cemeteries? Don't like to think about death? Well, face your fears, take the cemetery tour with me. I think you'll discover such places are actually quite peaceful.

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