F A V O R I T E   H I K I N G

The 26 hikes on my trip varied wildly, ranging from a 1 mile jaunt to a 15 mile test of strength and endurance. The common thread that always runs through hiking is a desire to experience nature up close and personal. Compared to riding a bike, hiking forces me to slow down, providing better opportunities to smell the roses. On a bike, I'm usually going so fast that I miss out on the little things that often pass me by, unnoticed in a blur of light and color.

Interestingly enough, I'm two sided when it comes to hiking and I'm not sure which side is more dominant. One side loves observing the scenery and feeling like it's a part of it all. The other side is hard core into the exercise aspect of the hike, pulling attention away from the scenery and into itself, searching for the mental and physical fortitude necessary to sustain an over-accelerated hiking pace.

Upon further thought, I suppose the conflict between my two sides strikes a good balance of sorts. More of one and not enough of another boils down to either wandering around like a space cadet, totally taken aback by the scenery, and potentially getting lost. The other side of the coin is having finished the hike but not having a friggin' clue on what had just happened. All of the internal introspection that occurred throughout the entire duration of the hike has eliminated all appreciation of nature.

Well, enough about my theories of hiking. It's now time to name my favorite hikes.

Notch Trail
The Badlands
Mount Marcy
Adirondack State Park
Cadillac Mountain
Acadia National Park
Black Canyon
Gunnison National Monument
Delicate Arch Trail
Arches National Park
South Kaibab Trail
Grand Canyon
National Park
49 Palms Oasis Trail
Joshua Tree
National Monument
Sand Lake
Northern Oregon Coast

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New Romance, Pacific Beach, CA
Grand Canyon, AZ
Atop the 120 Meter Tower, Ski Jumping Complex, Lake Placid, NY
Riding the Wave, Mission Beach, CA
Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point, OH
South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ
Bike Dragging Fun, Zion National Park, UT
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Steel Moose, Lake Placid, NY
Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, AZ
Winter Home, Vail, CO
Grand Teton Range, WY
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA
Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, Washington, DC