F A V O R I T E   L A N D M A R K S

All the landmarks I saw on my trip really sucked! So I have no favorites...

Well, actually, that's not true. What sucks is there's only one landmark to choose from. It's like a politician running unopposed. Whether or not you like them, it doesn't matter, they are guaranteed to win.

Fortunately, the single, lone landmark that I had seen was indeed special, deserving selection as a favorite. Talk about landmarks! This beauty certainly left its mark on the land. 550 feet deep and 4000 feet across, I'd say that's a pretty big mark! More of a hole actually. Perhaps it'd be better designated as a landhole instead.

I tell ya, the selection process for the landmark category was very hard, but I managed to prevail.

Here is my one and only favorite landmark.

Meteor Crater
Natural Landmark

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Cody Nite Rodeo, Cody, WY
Fortynine Palms Oasis, Joshua Tree National Monument, CA
Malayan Tapir, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
African Bush Elephant, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
Pack Horse, Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon, AZ
Elephant Skin, Somewhere in Eastern UT
United States Botanic Gardens, Washington, DC
Street Band, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
Kodak Sports Park, Lake Placid, NY
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Petrified Landscape, Petrified National Forest, AZ
Old Rusty Farm Equipment, Southern Tennessee
Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point, OH
Reflecting Pool, Washington, DC