F A V O R I T E   P A R K S

I think it's safe to say my desire to see some of America's National Parks fueled a good measure of my ambition for travel, and ultimately helped open the door to making my 6 month road trip a reality. I don't care what anyone says. In my opinion, if you gather up all of America's 58 National Parks and compare the group as a whole to any other country's offerings, you will soon realize that America is the best, hands down, when it comes to park venues. Now, I suppose I'm somewhat bias being American, but, you've got to admit, America certainly has "got it going on" when it comes to preserving vast and beautiful areas for the public's enjoyment.

I hope the day comes when I can declare that I've seen all 58 National Parks. There are a number of photographers out there who have done just that, and are actively sharing their images for all who wish to experience them. One individual is QT Luong. I stumbled upon his wonderful website (http://www.terragalleria.com) while researching Acadia National Park. Writing up my hike up Cadillac Mountain, I needed to find out why the granite there is so pink.

So, an Internet search was in order. I turned to Google and asked it, "Why is the granite pink in Acadia National Park?". The first two entries in the returned search results list were to his website. I clicked on one of the links which took me to his pictures of Acadia National Park. Yowza! After surfing around a bit in his website, paying close attention to the National Parks that I had visited on my trip, I just had to smile. It was as if I had followed in his footsteps, seeing all the same things and probably experiencing the same wonder so easily induced by all the park's splendor. Of course, his pictures are professional film grade and mine are amateur low-resolution digital, but, no matter. We are of the same brotherhood. I don't know him but QT Luong is a kindred spirit of mine.

In any event, it's time to cough up my favorites. Just as with the sights category, determining my park favorites was not an easy task. Comparing some of the parks is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are good for completely different reasons. Well, here is my list.

National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
Bryce Canyon
National Park
Grand Canyon
National Park
National Park

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Riding the Wave, Mission Beach, CA
Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA
The Lucky Bucket, Phoenix Gold Mine, Idaho Springs, CO
Sentinel Mesa, Big Indian, Bear and Rabbit Summit, and Stagecoach, Monument Valley, AZ
Greg’s Blue and Gold Macaw (Samantha), Minneapolis, MN
Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA
High Desert outside of Cody, WY
Winooski River near Montpelier, VT
Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, Buzzards Bay, MA
Lake Champlain Ferry, Port Kent, NY
Pack Horse Train on South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ
Mural Room at The Ahwahnee, Yosemite National Park, CA
Emerald Lake, MT
Rock with Lichens, Western Colorado