F A V O R I T E   M O N U M E N T S

What exactly is a monument?

As defined by www.dictionary.com, it is:

Monument (mny-mnt) - 1) A structure, such as a building or sculpture, erected as a memorial. 2) An inscribed marker placed at a grave; a tombstone. 3) Something venerated for its enduring historic significance or association with a notable past person or thing. 4) An object, such as a post or stone, fixed in the ground so as to mark a boundary or position.

I saw many different monuments on my trip. From a volcano, to a cave, to a war memorial, to a desert theater. I must admit, I had experienced a good stretching of the definition of monument. But, it was all good, all monuments were interesting and each had unique a character all its own.

Here is my list of favorite monuments.

Devils Tower
National Monument
Joshua Tree
National Monument

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Willows at Lake Perennial, Boston, MA
Big Sur, CA
Sunset Sky near Medina, NY
Natural Sand Art, Cannon Beach, OR
The Painted Desert, Petrified National Forest, AZ
Pilfered Wheels, Pacific Beach, CA
Downtown Area, Taos, NM
Lobster Feast at Testa’s, Bar Harbor, ME
Santa’s Train, Henrieville, UT
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC
Echo Lake, Acadia National Park, ME
Grand Tetons, WY
Holstein cows, Carr Valley, WI
York Habor, ME