F A V O R I T E   R E V E L A T I O N S

Revelations... What would a cross-country road trip be without revelations. Hmmm... Partially unfulfilling would be my guess. Having spent a good portion of the trip alone, it's hard to prevent wandering thoughts and formulations of half-baked theories from occurring.

I didn't start out on my trip with delusions of revelation grandeur. No, I wasn't going to discover the true meaning of life, or how to control the world population problem, or solve world hunger. Rather, I would just sit back and let the revelations come as they may.

Here are my favorite revelations.

Vista Disconnect Hair is Over-Rated The Mirror Trap

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Foliage near Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay, MA
Bighorn National Forest, WY
Mount Rushmore, Keystone, SD
Naval Cemetery, Point Loma, CA
Momma Gorilla with Baby, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
The Sentinel, Zion National Park, UT
Ceremonial Dance, Indian Petroglyph, Moab, UT
Ancient Sand Dunes, Arches National Park, UT
Porter-Parsonsfield Historical Bridge
1000 Year Old Pueblo, Taos Pueblo, NM
Siberian Reindeer, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
Sunset near Burlington, VT
Maternal Family Home - from Grandparents to Aunt and Uncle, Medina, NY
Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, ME