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Southern Maine

Friday, October 8, 2004

Some folks have the darnedest tastes in home exterior coloration. While driving through Maine I spot this red and yellow beauty beside the road. It quickly catches my attention and immediately starts me theorizing on why someone, with paintbrush in hand, would so blatantly vandalize their home. Could it be the owners are not responsible? Could it be what happened is similar to the phenomenon of toilet-papering a house and surrounding property? But, instead of paper, the vandals joking used florescent paint?

Colorblindness, now maybe that's the culprit! I'd hate to see what the interior looks like. My guess is it probably embraces a green, pink, and purple color theme, yuck! I think my favorite theory is the house is a vacation home of Ronald McDonald. Painting his home to emulate the color of his work uniform, he just wishes put his mark on the house, it's his calling card of sorts.

So, what is your theory?

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